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SteraMist is a revolutionary advantage in the fight against germs and infections. Technology this advanced needs to be explained in detail with documentation that outlines specifically the efficacy and advantages of SteraMist. That’s why we wanted to provide a learning center or library of information for you to learn more about SteraMist. Specifically, you’ll find information about how you and your organization could benefit from using SteraMist.  You’ll also find out how you could use it in your disinfection/decontamination protocols.

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Toliet Seat

White Papers

Novel Approaches to Reduce C. Difficile in an Inner City Hospital

Surface Compatibility and the SteraMist Systems

SteraMist GLP Disinfectant Studies

Changing What Should Be to What Is in Cleaning and Disinfection

Why SteraMist BIT


Case Studies


Central Indiana hospital patient discharge rooms pre and post SteraMist treatment

Final Article Cold plasma activated hydrogen peroxide aerosol inactivates Escherichia

East coast oncology research facility pre and post SteraMist treatment

ABSA AIHP M. Grimaldo Final 2015.V2

TSN PSP Smoke Odor Case Study FINAL

South side Indy surgical out-patient clinic pre and post SteraMist treatment