Highly Effective Disinfection and Decontamination

Public health issues can affect decision-making across a range of industries.  Businesses share a common goal of protecting the health of their customers as well as the public at large.  SteraMist BIT can be a valuable tool in preventing the spread of contagious diseases, including those caused by pathogens such as clostridium difficile, staphylococcus, and MRSA.  The following industries may find SteraMist BIT helpful:

Healthcare – Hospitals and healthcare facilities constantly experience an onslaught of infectious agents.  It is a never-ending battle to keep patients safe from exposure to harmful pathogens and hospital acquired illnesses. Moore ASG can help reduce the spread of infectious disease with the use of SteraMist for effective disinfection.

Commercial – SteraMist is useful in a variety of commercial applications, including multi-unit buildings, senior living facilities, daycare centers, and hospitality-related businesses.  Its patented technology will kill bacteria and deactivate molds and viruses.  Moore ASG can provide effective disinfection as well as deoderizing stubborn smells, such as skunk or smoke.

Residential – SteraMist can decontaminate homes with extensive mold infestations or intractable smells and restore a livable home environment.

Public Services/Institutions – SteraMist can be used to reduce exposure to harmful pathogens in public areas, such as schools, public transportation, or fire and police stations. Facilities that experience an outbreak of MRSA or another highly contagious disease can disinfect buildings and equipment to stop further spreading of the disease.

Pharmaceutical – With SteraMist, Moore ASG can help pharmaceutical manufacturers and processors as well as pharmacies to protect patient safety and guard against any contamination.

Laboratory – Keeping a lab or research facility free from contamination is important to both data integrity and safety.  Moore ASG utilizes the cutting-edge technology of SteraMist to deliver high-level disinfection and decontamination.

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